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Murray candidate in bid to save Deni timber industry from 'Greens insanity'

Murray candidate in bid to save Deni timber industry from 'Greens insanity'

The Nationals candidate for Murray Austin Evans has thrown a lifeline to the Deniliquin community, vowing to help resuscitate the town’s ailing timber industry.

Mr Evans today committed to drafting a Private Members’ Bill as one of his first actions if elected at next month’s by-election, calling on the NSW Parliament to immediately return the Murray Valley National Park back to a state forest. 

In 2010, the state Labor government struck a deal with the Greens to reclassify the state forest to a national park, effectively destroying the town’s River Red Gum timber industry and dozens of jobs. 

“The Deniliquin community has lived under the shadow of this sort of Greens ideology for too long,” Mr Evans said. 

“I saw first-hand what these ridiculous reforms did to Darlington Point, forcing the closure of the sawmill and forcing timber workers into unemployment. 

“Deniliquin has suffered the same indignity.  

“Rural towns are sick to death of ill-conceived government policies ripping prosperity from their communities. 

“If elected, I will draft the Private Members’ Bill as my first act of business and demand the timber industry be given an opportunity to return to Deni. 

“A Nationals MP in government is the best placed to win the support of the Liberals and have this bill passed.” 

Mr Evans said if the bill was blocked, he would put up a new bill calling for “thinning” to continue in the national park and allowing a provision for commercial use of the timber. 

At the two most recent National Party state conferences, members have unanimously voted to reverse the 2010 state forest reclassification at Deniliquin. 


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